As The Pokeball Turns

TRAINER'S EYE #56 - "Spice, Spice, PVP" ft. ISHIKAWABOY

September 20, 2023 David Hernandez Season 1 Episode 58
As The Pokeball Turns
TRAINER'S EYE #56 - "Spice, Spice, PVP" ft. ISHIKAWABOY
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In this Pokemon interview, we are joined by Ishikawaboy, a Pokemon Trainer from Japan and a recent competitor at 2023 Pokemon Worlds.

Ishikawaboy introduces us to the vibrant and Pokémon-rich landscape of Japan, where we meet a true Pokémon enthusiast with a passion for Pokémon battles. We delve deep into the world of Pokémon battles, where strategy, skill, and heart combine to create unforgettable experiences.

Ishikawaboy also  offers valuable insights into his experiences using "Spice" Pokemon, all of which have shaped his profound connection with Pokémon. He also shares his motivation to create engaging content for his audience has driven him to new heights.

Trainer's Eye is a series where the stories are real and people still play this game. From PVP to Shiny Hunting, each person's Pokemon GO journey is unique and we dive into each journey here on As The Pokeball Turns!

"A special thank you to Nagisa for his assistance with this episode!"

Opening Song: "Forget You" by Alex_MakeMusic from Pixabay

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Interview with Ishikawaboy
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